Has Infinity Ward begun work on a next-gen Call of Duty?

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Love or hate the franchise, there’s no denying that Call of Duty is here to stay. With studios dedicated towards pumping out annual titles, Activision has been basking in the success of their favourite franchise, seeing as how last years Modern Warfare 3 has netted the publisher over a billion dollars so far.

Of course, the military gravy train can’t keep chugging along forever as it currently stands, and with more and more rumours surfacing everyday, it’d be pretty foolhardy of Actvision not to have a title in development for the next generation of contemporary shoot ‘em ups.

And it seems that MW3 developer may just be working on such a project.

The studio recently put out a job ad for a senior animator, with the listing saying that the applicant should have “an interest in working with next-generation technologies”. No other hints towards exactly what it is that the specific next generation technologies are that Infinity Ward mentioned, but with current hardware begining to show signs of old age, the thought of a next-gen Call of Duty is quite alluring indeed.

Of course, the Wii U is also just around the corner, and Infinity Ward could be repurposing a COD game for that next-gen system. Black Ops developer Treyarch also recently put out an ad however, looking for a senior platform engineer to bring their game “to a new console”.

A subtle clue to the next generation of gaming, or are these adverts merely to help port titles over onto the PS Vita and Wii U? Only time will tell.

Last Updated: January 19, 2012

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