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Has Konami cancelled PES?

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Back when I was growing up, and the dinosaurs were roaming the earth, there was a huge fight between Pro Evolution Soccer and EA’s FIFA series to see which was the better football simulator.

I’ve always had my hat in the FIFA corner as the official licences just made the game that much more entertaining for me but the hardcore guys always said that the PES engine and gameplay was superior.

Well in recent years the FIFA series have accelerated into the distance while PES has floundered a bit and now, unless there is a mistake in the Konami financials, it looks like PES is about go give up entirely.

According to the latest financial results and forecasts from Konami they are only releasing a single global title for consoles this year and it isn’t Pro Evolution Soccer.

Winning Eleven 2015, which is what PES is called in Japan, is still listed but only for a PS4 release and it will be a digital only release. myClub 2015 was announced earlier in March as a free to play title in Japan but it was expected to hit other regions shortly after.

This new information seems to imply that it isn’t going to be going global and with no normal release planned it could be the end of PES as we know it. With Hideo Kojima’s highly publicised split from Konami is this the beginning of the end for Konami’s console releases?

[Update] The PES Community Manager responded to a fan via twitter… but that hasn’t really cleared much up

[Update 2] This article got a bit of traction and now the PES Community Manager has confirmed PES is not cancelled.

Why he waited so long to give out confirmation is a bit weird though. Either he was checking for himself and wasn’t 100% sure or he just didn’t notice so many people asking him for confirmation on the rumour.

Last Updated: May 13, 2015

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