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Has PlayStation 4 update 2.0 bricked your console? Here’s how to fix it.

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The PlayStation 4’s much anticipated Masamune update is out. Coming in at under 250Mb, adds an impressive array of features, like direct YouTube Video uploads, SharePlay (which is 100% useless in SA)  and the ability to actually pause downloads. For some though, it’s also seemingly bricked their machines.

A number of users have reported that the new update has left their angular black boxes of doom little more than a glossy paperweight, capable of outputting no more than a black screen. The problem, it seems, comes from the newly renamed Standby mode, which is now known as Rest Mode.  Users report that after entering Rest Mode, their consoles no longer switch on – leading then to believe their consoles have been irreparably bricked. Don’t worry, it’s quite likely that your console isn’t dead – and there’s a simple fix. The important thing here is to not unplug your console, as you could cause damage to the system’s hard drive, causing you even more issues. Instead, enter safe mode, and you should be able to continue operation as normal.

  • Hold your finger on the system’s power button for up to 60 seconds, and your system should reboot in to a safe mode.
  • Plug your controller in via USB and select the option to Update System Software via Internet. It’ll now download a fresh copy of System Update 2.0, and update.
  • Once it’s done, boot to safe mode again, and select “Rebuild Database”
  • Your PS4 should be working properly, but it’s probably best to avoid “Rest mode” until whatever issues it has have been fixed.

There does, however, seem to be a temporary fix for the rest mode woes: all you have to do is set the USB ports to be perpetually powered:

[Settings]>[Power Save Settings]>[Set Functions Available in Rest Mode]>[Supply Power to USB Ports]>[Always]

If you;’re have rest mode issues, try the above. I’ve had no issues with PS4 system version 2.0, and have found the thing to be slightly snappier. Rest Mode also works as intended for me – but if you are having issues, at least you can fix them.

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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