Has the 360 finally got its big Japanese break?

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Yodobashi Camera

Have the Japanese finally started taking a liking to the Xbox 360?

News is coming in that Yodobashi Camera (possibly the biggest electronics store in the world) has completely sold out of Xbox 360’s mere days after Tales of Vesperia was released over there…

Granted for now we have no idea how many units this store had but a sell out must be bringing a smile to Microsoft Japans face.

Could the 360 actually do well in Japan in 2008?

Well it kicked the snot out of the PS3 this week for the first time ever in Japan

  • Nintendo DS – 60,434
  • PSP – 58,501
  • Wii – 38,506
  • Xbox 360 – 24,962
  • PlayStation 3 – 9,673
  • PlayStation 2- 8,503

It even got within touching distance of the Wii, will this momentum keep it going until next month’s release of Infinite Undiscovery (Another JRPG) or is this just a once of fluke?

Source: Kotaku.com

Last Updated: August 15, 2008

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