Has the next-gen Hitman game been cancelled?

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August 25th, 2012 @ 06:04:36

It may have gotten a ton of flak from purists, but honestly, Hitman: Absolution was a damn fine game overall. That was in 2012, and since then, Agent 47 has kept a discreet and low profile. So low in fact, that the next game in that series may have been cancelled. With extreme prejudice

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Hitman starred the eternally shaven dome of Agent 47, a super assassin bred to kill and be damn good at it, who eventually develops feelings and goes rogue. And kills lots of people. It was a weird time in the 2000s.

Several games later, and Absolution was meant to bring the franchise back into the spotlight, as Agent 47 got mixed up with a new conspiracy that required him to sneak in and set up several methods of killing without being caught.

According to the LinkendIn profile of Senior Designer Richard Knight at Square Enix Montreal though, Agent 47 may have been retired for good.

Videogamer glanced over his CV and spotted the following entry, where Knight describes his current position as “Senior Designer – Hitman Project (Next-Gen Consoles/Current Gen/PC) – Cancelled.”

That’s a shame. I honestly enjoyed the latest Hitman game, which felt like a right blend of faithful action and inviting modern gameplay for folks who never engaged in blood contracts or any other agency dirty work. If you still haven’t tried Absolution out though, make a plan. It’s available for a cheap price as either a new game or even secondhand, and is plenty replayable.

Apparently, this particular Hitman game would have been known as Hitman: Guns and Souls, and would have included microtransactions. And judging by the way Square Enix sets massively unrealistic expectations for their games lately, maybe its better off to see Agent 47 get terminated.

Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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