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Has XCOM been cancelled?

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Firaxis’ reboot of the original turn-based strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be considered a success – and not just critically or commercially. It successfully revitalised the entire genre as something that’s not only deeply strategic, but both harrowing and fun to play. It’s not the only XCOM reboot – and if you’ll recall, there’s supposed to be a first-person re-imagining of the game on the horizon. We’ve seen and heard very little about that since 2011 though – and now it looks like it’s been cancelled.

2K Games XCOM shooter, following the path carved by Starbreeze’s middling Syndicate FPS, drew very little fan interest – and the interest it had received was largely negative. It’s now starting to look like it’ll never see the light of day; 2K games has nixed the game’s website, and all of its YouTube videos have been set to private.

It’s quite possible – and even likely, that game’s in the process as being rebranded as something outside of the XCOM universe.

“Last week, Take-Two registered the domains thebureau-game.com, thebureau-game.net, whathappenedin62.com, and whathappenedin62.net,” says internet gaming sleuth Superannuation. “These domains seem to hint at a rebranding of 2K’s beleaguered XCOM shooter, which places players in the shoes of an FBI agent in 1962.”

Another, earlier rumour suggested the game was being retooled as a third person shooter.

Polygon contacted 2K games for comment, only to receive a noncommittal statement that the company  "has no comment about the sites being down today."

Last Updated: April 15, 2013

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