Has your Live (not life) been unreliable?

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Apparently if the Internet is to be believed, which is obviously always is, Live has been terrible over the last couple of days, To the point of being unplayable.

Now I have to admit I have not been on Live in the last couple of days and have therefore been completely unaffected and I have also not heard a single person complain about it either.

So either I am a statistical anomaly and Live has been down for everyone except the people I interact with or it hasn’t been as unstable as the reports are making it out to be.

Yes I am ignoring that third option that maybe it doesn’t count when my group of friends all live in my cupboard and share Live with me… anyway back to the point.

I have always insisted that Sony will need to start charging for PSN at some stage as no company can continue to sustain such an investment and keep it stable for a long period without it generating an income. However when I voice this statement I am told that Live isn’t stable and this weekend seems to be proof of that.

The difference here though is that if people cannot get onto Live I fully expect the complaints to go flowing into Microsoft and for Microsoft to be reimbursing them in some way or another, in other words their is some accountability for the lack of service and you know that if Microsoft don’t get it up soon a class action lawsuit is going to appear out of thin air soon enough.

So have you been affected by this downtime and if so what do you think Microsoft needs to do to make it up to you? A free Arcade title or would you rather they extend your subscription by 3 days?

Last Updated: November 17, 2008

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