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Bioware has a funny view of romance, or at least a predictable one. As one currently playing the Mass Effect trilogy, I’m distinctly aware of how easy it is to woo someone in game – just say a bunch of nice things to them until they throw themselves at you. Bioware’s next game’s relationships will be a bit more nuanced.

News coming out of PAX East is that you could end up with a romance with unlikely partners. You could end up in a “hate-filled forbidden love” situation with a rival, or start making out with a friend you joke with. Of course, there will also be the traditional romance route of building enough affection for the character to fall in love with you. I just hope that they make the animations a bit more appealing – the last Dragon Age games had some rather weird sex scenes – I’d like to see something that uses The Witcher for inspiration. But I’m glad to see realism entering the game; so many women love men who say awful things to them.

There will be nine companions, spread across martial disciplines. I suppose they listened to that survey about party builds people used and see that all kinds of combinations are desirable. Among those confirmed as love interests: Cullen, the templar who has been in every Dragon Age game, and Cassandra Pentaghast, the seeker who interrogates Varric in Dragon Age 2. Additionally, there’s a “solid possibility” that the heroes from the previous Dragon Age games (Hawke and the Grey Warden) will feature, as well as Morrigan’s dear mother, Flemeth. It appears that the Keep feature, a base with some social networking elements, may be that experience producer Cameron Lee wanted of taking the game with you everywhere – perhaps some tablet interface?

Speaking of which, I really need to use that Dragon’s Keep thing to export all my save data so that my shiny new console is ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition when it launches. But then I have to choose which play through to use – dammit Bioware, already making me come to tough decisions!

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Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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