Have a PSPgo? Here, have 10 free games!

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Earlier today I posted a piece on how the PSPgo is now dirt-cheap and comes bundled with free games. For those of you who already own a PSPgo, I could understand how that piece might have left you feeling a little miffed. Especially when you consider that you must have paid around R3000 for it and now it’s just so, SO much cheaper… this isn’t helping, is it?

Maybe this will help though: those ten games that come bundled with new PSPgo units? You can have those too. The weird thing is that you could have had these free games in June already. Perhaps I’ve been under a rock for the last few months but I had no idea about this promotion. I asked a couple of people whether they’d heard of it and they also said no. And we all know that a couple of people in a survey will always, always be right. So, want to know how to get your games?

As with anything that’s free, there are terms and conditions and catches everywhere. Over on the South African PlayStation website, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to grab hold of the codes for the games. You have to have a PSPgo as this promotion is not available for older PSP models.

The catch is that you must not have used your PSPgo to log in or create a PSN account prior to 01 April 2010. If you’ve done either since then, then you should still be fine. All you need to do is head over to the PlayStation Network Store and download the “PSPgo Promotion Theme”, which is apparently found in the “Latest” category in the store. Once you’ve downloaded the theme directly to your PSPgo, then you should receive an email to the address that your PSN account is tied to. In that email will be codes to unlock ten free games. The promotion ends on 31 January 2011 though, so get it together.

The how-to guide makes it very clear that you have to connect and download the theme wirelessly, thereby accessing the PSN Store directly through your PSPgo. You cannot connect via a PC or PS3 and then copy the promotional theme across.

The ten free games are slightly different to the ones that come in the new PSPgo Bundle. They are:

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines
Gran Turismo
Motorstorm Arctic Edge
WipEout Pure
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Need for Speed Shift
James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Game

I found this promotion after reading through the PSPgo Bundle promotional email that was sent to me from PlayStation South Africa. Perhaps this promotion has only just become available to us in South Africa now. The how-to guide kind of corroborates this when it states that this promotion is only applicable in certain countries. Were we late to the party again?

Source: PlayStation South Africa

Last Updated: November 18, 2010

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