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Having a girlfriend may negatively affect performance according to a pro LoL gamer

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Between their tough training schedules, tournaments, and other time sucking activities, where do professional gamers find the time for romance? Some do, certainly, but others avoid relationships completely, or at least, choose not to pursue love during the height of their career. Why? Because it could affect gaming performance negatively, or so claims a professional League of Legends gamer.

He isn’t the only one. Several players share the opinion that Alex “Xpecial” Chu does (via Business Insider)

“There is this theory that once you get a girlfriend, you start playing worse. It wasn’t true for every player, but we saw it with many players where they just got worse over time.”

As an example, Alex mentioned a professional player who was at the height of his career during 2011; he found a girlfriend through League of Legends, started dating. As he spent more time with her, his performance began to suffer. He fell out of the league and now makes a living via Twitch streaming instead.

It’s common knowledge that professional gamers – not just those that play League of Legends – spend an exorbitant amount of time training each day. Throw in the fact that there may be travelling involved (to several tournaments or events) throughout the year, and the thought of ignoring the pursuit of a relationship suddenly doesn’t seem like such a silly notion.

Alex himself says that he has dated, but time restrictions and gaming commitments made it hard to maintain a relationship.

“This is a harsh thing to say [to a girlfriend], but it would be like, ‘I love you, but I can’t love you more than I love League of Legends’. I’m married to League of Legends essentially. I can’t do both. Girls will have to wait until later.”

I suppose it makes sense. Focus on finding the fame and fortune now, settle down for a relationship later. Of course, this is just the sentiment of Alex and a few others. Some professional gamers somehow find the time to juggle a relationship along with their career.


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Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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