HD-DVD fighting back

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image So last week I posted about how since the Warner announcement Blu-Ray sales had shot through the roof and HD-DVD sales had died.

Well many were quick to ask how the sales had been affected so quickly as the main stream buying public had not heard the news yet. Well one week later and now things are looking even more suspicious.

The same company that ran the last research has published their latest research and it seems like HD-DVD has made an impressive come back, and here I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to post about this war anymore.

So now the conspiracy theory can start, did the Blu-Ray group go on a mass buying spree just after the announcement to attempt to push home the gravity of the situation?

I wonder if we can find out what titles it was that were sold and whether or not the HD-DVD sales stayed level and the Blu-Ray sales sky rocketed?

Latest NPD report shows Blu-ray sales were no trend – Engadget HD

Last Updated: January 30, 2008

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