HD Prince of Persia Trilogy confirmed

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A while ago we put up a “Rumour” tagged article about an HD re-release for the Prince of Persia Trilogy. Ubisoft has since confirmed this HD re-release to be true and on its way on 19 November in headache-inducing 3D.

The high-definition compilation will contain all three of the Prince of Persia titles that appeared on previous generation hardware. The Sands of Time, Warrior Within as well as The Two Thrones will receive updated textures, anti-aliasing, 3D support and will run in 720p. There are, however, a few catches.

The first is that this is exclusive to PlayStation 3, which also kind of confirms previous speculation on Sony expanding its HD re-release stable of Blu-ray games. The second is that this is a European region exclusive. While that shouldn’t be a problem for us (South Africa’s games are, more often than not, the European versions) it certainly is a problem for others. Those wanting to get in on some 3D Prince action (eew) will need to import.

The compilation is marked at £29.99 so expect it to be around R350 when (if – but it totally should) it hits South Africa.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: October 6, 2010

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