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Hear some indies tell you how much Sony rocks

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The official PlayStation 4 YouTube channel recently posted this video entitled “Catching up with the ‘Indie 9’ from E3 2013”. And while it’s more a pure marketing video instead of a real catch-up it still has some very interesting bits in it.

First up I need to get something off my chest, I know it’s the in-thing now to have a beard if you are an indie developer, or hipster, or hobo… but if your beard grows in like this please for the love of society shave it off.

Hear some indies tell you how much Sony rocks 2

Now his moustache and goatee area are fine, but that wispiness on the sides just freaks me out.. and there you have your daily fashion tip from Lazygamer.

Anyway, moving on. One of the more interesting comments made in the video was by the developers of the Indie title, Galak-Z, who stated that it only took a single day to get their PC game built using the Unity engine running on the PlayStation 4.

They had originally given themselves a few weeks to get it going but were blown away that it ran so quickly and they then just had to optimise and add in some more functionality, which is great news for all Indie developers.

Another developer also goes on to say that the console simply handles anything thrown at it without effort.

However the best thing I heard was that none of these developers had to offer anything up to Sony to get their games showcased. No exclusivity, no extra missions. Nothing.  According to them Sony simply helped them and asked for nothing in return because they want their clients to have the best gaming experience.

Now that’s awesome.

Last Updated: June 5, 2014

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