Heart of the Swarm: 1.1 Million sold

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Who says real-time strategy games are niche? According to Blizzard, it took just 2 days for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has to sell through 1.1 million copies of the space-bound strategy game.

“We want to thank the global StarCraft community for the incredible passion and support they’ve shown for Heart of the Swarm,” said CEO Mike Morhaime. “In addition to a brand-new single-player campaign, we added a ton of enhancements with this expansion to make StarCraft 2 even more fun to play, and more exciting to watch.

“We’re pleased to see gamers and eSports fans around the world enjoying Heart of the Swarm.”

The figure combines both retail, physical sales, and digitally distributed copies. If you haven’t played Heart of the Swarm yet, you really should; it’s really rather good. It seems an impressive number, but it’s probably worth noting that the game’s predecessor, Wings of Liberty, managed 1.5 million copies in the same timeframe; and the the terribly anticipated but ultimately disappointing Diablo III sold through 3.5 million copies in half the time.

Last Updated: March 22, 2013

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