Hearthstone gets last Beta update?

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Hearthstone, the game everyone seems to want to play. One of the most sought after Beta Access games I’ve ever seen, it seems that Hearthstone is preparing to be let loose upon the world, but not before some rebalancing.

In the update notes, Blizzard gives signs that the game is nearing release:

Thank you so much for continuing to play, test, and give feedback on Hearthstone as the closed beta testing phase begins to draw to a close. We are monitoring card balance over time, and without your continued testing efforts, we wouldn’t have the necessary data we need in order to make changes to cards that may warrant them. This should be our last big set of balance changes; once we go live, we plan to make very few card changes, and only if they are absolutely necessary.

Last set of balance changes? Closed Beta testing drawing to a close? Does that mean that we’re almost ready for open Beta, or maybe even full release? Fantastic! I’m still going to hold out until the iPad version is released – then I’m sure it will be gaming heroin and I’ll be totally hooked. In the meantime, for those who are already lucky enough to be playing, you will experience some changes. The following cards are getting rebalanced: Unleash the Hounds, Sylvanas Windrunner, Blood Imp, Defender of Argus, Pyroblast, Dark Iron Dwarf, Abusive Sergeant, Warsong Commander, Charge and Novice Engineer.

Has your favorite card been buffed or nerfed? I know whenever MOBA rebalance champions, people go mad – I’m glad Blizzard isn’t planning on doing major rebalancing once the game is released. At least they’re using the Beta testing period for what it’s meant for; the game already looks really polished, now it’s a matter of fixing the finer details they couldn’t test in house. Yup, I think I’m officially getting excited about this game.

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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