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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Tips and tricks

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So you’ve downloaded that free to play game from Blizzard, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. You’re all eager to start playing, you’ve done the tutorial and then WHAM! You forget that the closed beta participants have been packing major cards for the last couple of months. You need help. And I’m going to give it you.



Power: Shapeshift – Gives the Druid +1 attack and +1 armour. Armour can be stacked.

Welcome to the Druid class! With nature on his side and a ton of versatility, the Druid is a great character to use for both newcomers and experienced players. His first such skill that makes him worth investing in, is the Choose One gameplay mechanic.

Choose One allows a Druid to use cards which offer more options and better control of the battlefield, especially when combined with the Starfall and Wrath cards. Starfall for instance allows players to either damage multiple minions or focus all that power on one particular monster. Wrath gives players the option to instakill a minion with 1 heatl and draw a card or deal 3 damage on the field and also draw a card.

Now choice is all good, but you’re also going to need plenty of mana to pull off some advanced tactics with the Druid. Which is where his skill at gathering more of that energy comes in handy, thanks to cards such as Innervate and Wild Growth. The right selection of cards can allow the Druid to summon massively powerful monsters early on in a game, or set up a solid defense of Taunt cards.

And that sums up the Druid really. While he isn’t as focused on attack, his mastery of nature allows for this character and his cards to control the battlefield easily, setting up several scenarios with which to strike hard and heavy in the opening rounds.

Cards (Click to embiggen)

Druid (31)Druid (32)Druid (33)Druid (34)Druid (35)Druid (36)Druid (37)Druid (1)Druid (2)Druid (3)Druid (4)Druid (5)Druid (6)Druid (7)Druid (8)Druid (9)Druid (10)Druid (11)Druid (12)Druid (13)Druid (14)Druid (15)Druid (16)Druid (17)Druid (18)Druid (19)Druid (20)Druid (21)Druid (22)Druid (23)Druid (24)Druid (25)Druid (26)Druid (27)Druid (28)Druid (29)Druid (30)


ShamanPower: Totemic Call – Shaman can summon one totem per turn as a minion, with various effects

Much like the Druid, Shaman players are also going to be very strong on field control. Thanks to their character power of being able to summon a random totem, you’ll never know what you’re in for exactly, making a strategy beyond that of “break the damn totem” a challenge.

Shamans also benefit from the ability to “Overload” their cards, which gives them crowd control skills at the cost of their mana for upcoming turns. Combined with a Murloc deck, Shamans can very quickly swarm the field with monsters that buff each other up and can end in a game in the fewest of turns.

Focusing on totems can be beneficial in the long run, if your opponent chooses to ignore them due to their very low attack and health stats. Totems such as the Mana Tide summon give players an extra draw, a strategy which is essential in Hearthstone, while buffing those summons can also lead to very sneaky attacks at a low mana cost, especially when Bloodlust and Windfury cards are activated.

Totems are vulnerable to crowd control tactics however, so the experienced Hearthstone player will need to be patient on the field, as losing a bunch of these summons can upset their entire flow.


Shaman (7)Shaman (8)Shaman (9)Shaman (10)Shaman (11)Shaman (12)Shaman (13)Shaman (14)Shaman (15)Shaman (16)Shaman (17)Shaman (18)Shaman (19)Shaman (20)Shaman (21)Shaman (22)Shaman (23)Shaman (24)Shaman (25)Shaman (26)Shaman (27)Shaman (28)Shaman (29)Shaman (30)Shaman (31)Shaman (32)Shaman (33)Shaman (34)Shaman (35)Shaman (36)Shaman (37)Shaman (1)Shaman (2)Shaman (3)Shaman (4)Shaman (5)Shaman (6)


WarriorPower: Armour Up! – Hero gains +2 armour, can be stacked

WARRIOR! COME OUT TO PLAY-YAY! If there’s one class that with a hero that can truly be feared, it’s the Warrior.

Extremely aggressive due to his cards and tactics, one of the best ways to utilise a warrior is to forget about defense and smash everything in front of you. The signature style of the Warrior is to make use of his Enrage ability, which buffs up the attack of minions whenever they take damage. Grommash Hellscream and Amani Berserker are good examples of this style of play, which Frothing Berserker shares as well.

To take advantage of this mechanic, Warrior cards include the ability to damage minions on your side, such as Inner Rage and Whirlwind. Damaged minions can also benefit from cards such as Battle Rage, which allows players to draw new cards whenever a minion is damaged.

Combat with the Warrior also benefits in the Charge department, as their unique cards feature strong monsters with instant battle options., while the Warsong Commander can buff those summons up considerably. Combined with Enraged monsters, and players can deal big damage before they even attack, making experienced Warrior players fearsome indeed.

Despite being particularly aggressive, Warrior also boast some manner of defense. The Warrior has several weapon cards which give him armour in addition to his core ability, which allows the hero to go into battle and clear the field of distractions. In fact, it’s these weapons which make the Warrior particularly dangerous, as activating cards which give him an easy attack boost of 10-15 isn’t unheard of.


Warrior (12)Warrior (13)Warrior (14)Warrior (15)Warrior (16)Warrior (17)Warrior (18)Warrior (19)Warrior (20)Warrior (21)Warrior (22)Warrior (23)Warrior (24)Warrior (25)Warrior (26)Warrior (27)Warrior (28)Warrior (29)Warrior (1)Wa
rrior (2)Warrior (3)Warrior (4)Warrior (5)Warrior (6)Warrior (7)Warrior (8)Warrior (9)Warrior (10)Warrior (11)


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Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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