Heavy Rain will only be 8-10 hours long

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The developers of Heavy Rain have been chatting to Videogamer.com about their title and the possibility of truly extending the game with DLC. Possibly using DLC to play through a prequel of a characters life, or a sequel to see what happens to the character after the game is completed.

The idea is nice and if priced appropriately I could see a lot of value in that.

However one other thing that came up in the interview is that the game will only be 8-10 hours long and seeing as the game has no multiplayer it is hard to envisage it having the best pair of legs after the first play through.

So is 8-10 hours worth full retail price?

I would have to say it really depends, COD4 was only about 8 hours long but the multiplayer easily pushed it into full retail territory. If it was just a single player game then I am not sure it would have been worth it.

Shadow Complex on the XBLA takes around 10 hours to complete and that is only about R150, but then again it’s a far simpler experience than Heavy Rain is promising to be.

Heavy Rain appears to me to be a completely immersive story/movie and as such I don’t think we would want it to be to long else it may start to lose that immersion feeling.

I would say 8-10 hours is perfect if it’s good and intriguing. But if they don’t pull it off expect the short gameplay time to be blasted all over the Internet.


In other Heavy Rain related news it sounds like the developers are trying to include some interactive love scenes powered by QTE’s. Sony however is trying to convince them that this isn’t a good idea as it will push their rating over the 18+ mark worldwide which would get the game pulled from most standard retailers and those countries with archaic censorship laws.

I on the other hand would love to see them include it and to see the reaction of the general gamer to this new experience.

Source: Videogamer and Destructoid

Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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