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Helldivers free expansion brings new enemies of democracy

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Helldivers of the Galaxy

I loved Helldivers. I might have loved it too much – playing all the time even after writing my review, and even playing with strangers online. I managed to break my addiction, but now it seems poised to pull me back in. How you like the taste of freedom!

The Masters of the Galaxy expansion has been deployed and it includes new trophies, as well as new enemy masters for the bugs, cyborgs and illuminates. Here is the trailer showing it off.

Alongside this expansion came the announcement that Helldivers won’t just be downloadable anymore. That’s right, from 26 August you can go pick it up in your favorite brick and mortar retail store. The Super-Earth Ultimate Edition will include the PS4 game on Blu Ray, digital games for PS3 and PS Vita as well as all the expansions and DLC. So, it’s got everything you want and need like a Game of the Year edition, and sounds highly desirable for those who don’t already have the game.

Finally, there is a new announcement that might be the end of me. I have, thus far, avoided all Helldivers DLC packs. I mean, who needs a new gun or whatever? Well, the latest DLC includes a vehicle pack and I think I need it. Just look at that motorcycle!

If you still haven’t tried out Helldivers, you really should. Although, considering the announcements, just wait for the Ultimate Edition. Until then, though, you might have to suffer through my random shouts. FOR FREEDOM!

Last Updated: July 8, 2015

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