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Helldivers is turning up the heat…for free

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Though I haven’t been able to play it (or anything else that isn’t a review game) for ages now, I have a lot of love for Arrowhead’s Helldivers. It’s a fantastic, team-based top-down shooter that takes the best things from Warframe and Destiny and gives them a new perspective. It’s also like the Starship Troopers game we never got – which means very quickly became one of my favourite PSN titles. And as we told you, it’s getting a bunch of free content. Here’s what that new free content is.

Arrowhead has detailed what you’ll be getting in the “Turn up the heat” update, with three videos, each detailing something new; new enemy types, new objectives and a brand new environment. I’d wager there are probably a few new weapons to play around with too.

The new update also increases the game’s level cap to 27, probably making the difficult game even tougher. If you haven’t played Helldivers, and need a fun, but tough co-operative game to play with your buddies, I can’t recommend Helldivers enough. It’s available on PlayStation platforms only – but buying it once gets you Vita, PS3 and Ps4 versions of the game – but it’s not just cross buy – it allows for cross save, cross chat and cross play between all three platforms.

Here are those videos, and a link to our review of the thing. No word on when the content is coming, but it’s apparently soon.

Last Updated: May 12, 2015

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