Help, my Sunset Overdrive character is stuck to the floor!

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So Sunset Overdrive’s reviews landed yesterday and the game is doing very well with a current Metacritic rating of 83. We personally gave it a 8.5 and if it wereup to me I would have nudged it over the 9 mark myself.

However there are also a ton of sites and magazines giving the game a solid 10/10 or 5/5 which signifies a perfect game. And while SO is a lot of fun it is definitely not perfect, I left my Xbox One running overnight and when I got back to the game the next day this was my experience.

The game continued to work fine and I didn’t lose any progress or anything like that but you can see there is a definite glitch going on here.

After I rebooted the console though everything was back to normal and most of my other glitches I experienced were just a bit of clipping here and there. However nothing really compares to how much Darryn’s game clipped during a round of Chaos Squad.

Open world games naturally have these sorts of problems simply because of the scope of their worlds,  and it really doesn’t take away from how great a game is. However can you really give a game a perfect score when small glitches like this happen? The only games we’ve ever given full marks to were Super Mario Galaxy and Mass effect 2 which both just felt perfect – but obviously not everyone agrees.

What do you think about media giving a title a “perfect” score? Do you then expect the game to be absolutely perfect or just exceptionally good? People often complain that reviewers don’t utilise the full range of their review spectrum, should we be seeing more 3’s and fewer 10’s?

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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