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Help Tim Schafer kickstart his new adventure game

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You may remember last year we posted up an article about how Freddie Wong was using the crowdsourcing fundraising site, Kickstarter, to try and get a feature film made.

Well he hit his target and that film is now in production (we are a backer of that) and now Tim Schafer is following his lead and is crowdsourcing finance for his latest adventure game.

Funding has only been open for a few hours and he has already raised $131 256 towards his goal of $400 000 for the project. We are once again a backer as well.

The idea being that if he gets external funding or a publisher then they have a say in the creative process and could change the game to better suit their target market. This was Tim can make the game exactly as his team feels it should be and we’ll be guaranteed to see his dream come to life as it should.

The entire process will also form the basis of a documentary on how video games are made and well isn’t it just cool that you can pretend to be a venture capitalist for a little while and tell people that you are backing a video game’s development.

You can back them with as little as $15 which will give you the finished game, access to the discussion community the video series and participate in the private beta.

Or you can up your backing and get your name in the credits as a backer with a poster or throw more money at them to get a signed poster.

Tim’s been a great addition to the videogame world and if you can it would be awesome if you could help him out and pledge something to the project.

If you’re interested head on over here and sign up. All you need is an Amazon account and they won’t take any money until the goal is reached. Then you’ll receive an email asking you to make the payment and you are given a time window to do that in so they are not just going to randomly take money from your account.

Let us know if you contributed at all or if you think the ideas awesome but you can’t afford it right now.

I’d love to know if any of the local pirates stump up some money to prove that we don’t need the publishers and distributors in the middle. Which has been a common argument from them.

Here’s Tim doing his sales pitch

Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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