Here comes a new challenger! Capcom teases arcade-related announcement

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When I was growing up, I spent an inordinate amount of time in arcades, hunting for new games to play and new people to beat at Street Fighter II. In the 80s and early 90s, one developer stood out to me as one I could count on to deliver games I’d love: Capcom. It’s why I’m so happy that the company is back on track, delivering an abundance of impressive hits now, decades later.

Still, those arcade games I loved so much – mostly built on the company’s CPS and CPS2 arcade systems – make me happy to this day. Yesterday, Capcom teased something new was on the way, saying just that “A new challenger appears” and that there’d be an announcement coming today. Take a look:

The teaser shows a series of arcade games reflected on a coin-op cabinet’s buttons. In the reflections, there are some games that are easy to make out, like Darkstalkers, Street Fighter II (In one of its myriad guises) and a few surprises – because they’re arcade games that have never been released on home systems: Aliens vs Predator and shoot-em-up Progear. There’s also a look at Gigawing.

While my initial thoughts were an arcade compilation of sorts, the buttons made me think it might be an actual mini arcade unit in the same vein as Nintendo’s NES and SNES Mini, or the Neo Geo Mini. According to NintendoLife though, it’ll be a premium, full-sized 2 player arcade stick stuffed with Capcom arcade classics that plugs into your TV. That means it’ll be expensive, but I think I need it.

Last Updated: April 16, 2019

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