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Here are 25 new adorable screens of Pokémon Sun and Moon, new evolutions revealed

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Pokémon games get a ton of flak for sticking to a core gameplay formula. And that’s not entirely unwarranted. But it’s also not entirely true either. There’s a certain charm to knowing that you can pick up any game in the series and find yourself at ease with the control setup. Four attack moves, dozens of combinations of elemental types and hundreds of the little bastards to catch.

That’s timeless and enduring stuff. Thing is, Pokémon games are all about refinement. About working on the smaller details and making the entire experience better for players along the way. You’d have to go through several menus before you could cut down a bush in your way in Pokémon Red and Blue, but by the time Ruby and Sapphire rolled around players were able to engage with the environment more seamlessly.

Likewise with the menus, which have gone through all manner of revisions over the years to be simple yet informative. Refinement, over and over again. That’s Pokémon, and that’s why fans flock back to it. And Pokémon Sun and Moon looks like it’ll be tweaking the formula further than ever before. I mean, it just looks adorable. Even if it does have a pocket monster that looks like Donald Trump reincarnated as a weasel. Here’re a ton of new screens via GameSpot:

Man that is looking fantastic. Pokémon Sun and Moon is shaping up to be a fresh experience for not only series veterans, but newcomers as well. The entire gym system has been rebooted in favour of island challenges, an idea that sounds like a much needed breath of fresh air. Pokemon at its best, is about mystery. About discovery and exploration. That’s where the money is.

Sun and Moon drop on November 8, but there’ll be a special demo to try out on October 18, in case my waxing most lyrical has finally managed to wear away your poké-defenses. In other news, Serebii has revealed a few new evolutions for Sun and Moon.

As was mentioned yesterday, Janngmo-O and Type: Null are getting a few upgrades once you’ve trained them up properly. Here’s a few scans from CoroCoro magazine, showcasing those new forms:


Last Updated: October 13, 2016


  1. The only good Pokemon is the one mounted on my wall!


    • Aries

      October 13, 2016 at 10:57

      gotta catch em all


  2. Kikmi

    October 13, 2016 at 09:41

    12 screenshots of the same content. Nee man


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