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Here’s a closer look at the cancelled 2003 Daredevil PS2 game

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Marvel’s attempting a second Renaissance of sorts in the video game space now that it has conquered cinema. Some of those efforts have been good so far, resulting in two superb Spider-Man games starring the OG web-slinger Peter Parker and Harlem’s favourite webhead Miles Morales. On the other side of that coin though, is Marvel’s Avengers which is currently costing Square Enix many millions of dollars because no one really cares for it.

Back in the early 2000s though, there were plenty of Marvel games to be had. The first PlayStation had its own Spider-Man infestation, numerous X-Men games popped up, and we got the completely forgettable Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects fighting game. Amidst all of these licensed titles were plans for a Daredevil game, which would have arrived hot on the heels of the best incarnation of the man without fear, future Batman Ben Affleck. Bite me, I love that movie and the director’s cut reinforces just how great it is. Evanescence max Goth soundtrack and all.

That game would eventually be cancelled and lost to the sands of time, but Youtuber Andrew Borman has shared gameplay from the title courtesy of a former member of staff at developer 5000ft Inc. It’s a bit on the rough side given the unfinished nature, but the core idea of representing Daredevil’s echo-location ability through the “Shadow World” of Hell’s Kitchen looks pretty neat.

I’m especially fond of the traversal system, which has a Tony Hawk Pro Skater-styled grinding ability mixed with Billy club swinging mechanic that took inspiration from 2002’s Spider-Man game and attempted to improve upon it.

So what happened to Daredevil? A turf war between Sony and Marvel that the studio was caught in the middle of eventually killed the momentum of the game, with it being officially cancelled in 2004. The devil never gets his due.

Last Updated: November 17, 2020

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