Here’s a look at Driveclub’s free DLC

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In amongst the myriad games that have launched broken, DriveClub has arguably been the worst of the lot. While the game itself is playable, it’s hardly any fun at all thanks to server issues the remove the very core of what makes DriveClub, DriveClub. Without its socially connected online, it’s a bland and soulless racer that plays a lot like  a second rate Project Gotham Racing. Sony and Evolution are apologising with free DLC.

The Ignition Expansion Pack was meant to be paid for content this month, but it – along with the game’s other intended DLC for this month, like the Photo-Finish Tour Pack, will be offered gratis. It is now nearly 50 days since the games release, and many are still struggling to connect to the game’s servers.  To those who’ve purchased the game’s Season Pass at full price, you won’t be getting sort changed; Sony will be extending the length of the game’s Season Pass, offering extra content.

Here’s a look at the game’s Ignition Expansion pack (via Facebook, because it’s social), which will be free – but with the servers still not functional, may not even be worth downloading.


In the same post, Evolution has said that  “work continues on the server improvements as our priority, and everyone on the team who is able to work on this (or help) is focused exclusively on fixing the server issues.” the other promised stuff is still being worked on with other members of the team dedicated to bringing “new features like dynamic weather and replays as well as many other improvements to the game based on your feedback.”

There’s still no word on the “free” PlayStation Plus edition, not that anyone still really cares.

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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