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Here’s a look at how guns are changing in Borderlands 3

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Guns! You want them, and Borderlands 3 has them! One of the best improvements that Borderlands 2 made on the original game was in how it managed to make each brand of gun feel more unique. Spread across several manufacturers, each category of gun brought a little something extra to the table. Dahl guns usually had a neat burst-fire mode, Maliwan was all about elemental damage and you could count on Torgue to be glorified explosion-slingers with whatever weapon to which applied their bomb-happy ideology.

In Borderlands 3, that gap between the various weapons-dealers is expanding even further, as each company doubles down on what makes their particular death-dealing tools of mass head-popping destruction so unique. Here’s a quick rundown of how guns are evolving in Borderlands 3:



Hyperion guns may have more shakes than a coffee addict in an earthquake scenario, but hold down the trigger and you’ll soon be stabilised. As an added bonus, aiming down the sights now gives you a small shield to take cover behind.



Usually the creme de la creme of guns, Atlas weapons now have more than just superior stats to their name. They’ll come with git gud modifiers that will see each gun fire enemy-tracking rounds after foes have been peppered with tracking tags.



The heaviest slugs in the galaxy, Jakobs weapons won’t just deliver massive damage when they impact with a critical spot. They’ll now also ricochet off of your enemy and into other targets.



The undisputed master of elemental damage, Maliwan weapons now allow you to swap between two elements and charge your shots for bonus damage.



Vladof guns will still eat all the ammo you have in the blink of an eye, but you can now expand on these weapons with under-barrel attachments such as tasers, rocket tubes, and even more gun barrels.



Regular reloading is for chumps. Whenever you decide that the mag needs a refill in a Tediore gun, you can chuck the entire gun towards an enemy and digistruct a new one in your hands. Oh, Tediore guns will also track towards a bandit whenever you do this now. NEAT!



Pandora’s native arsenal is once again in the mix, as these alien weapons feature infinite ammo and limitless magazines…kind of. Fire too much and you’ll overheat a gun, but it’s a handy trade-off for those of you who like to spend ammo like it’s going out of style.



Full auto, semi-auto or burst fire? Dahl isn’t changing their modus operandi for Borderlands 3, but they are giving players more options for which mode they prefer to have equipped at any given time.



EXPLOSIONS! Mr. Torgue’s bombastic brand is back, this time with a neat trick: Players can switch between regular bomb bullets and sticky ammo, with the stickier option dealing bonus damage if you managed to empty a clip into a target.

Borderlands has always had one of the finest gunplay experiences in all of gaming, so having that signature style of wacky headshots return with some hefty new upgrades, sounds like fun on a bun. I’m going to miss the Bandit weapons though, which were just delightful hodge-podge guns that favoured quantity over quality.

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Just remember one thing when buying a gun in Borderlands 3 though:


Last Updated: April 9, 2019

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