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Here’s a more in-depth look at Elite: Dangerous’ on foot exploration

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Hey, have you ever thought about playing Star Citizen except it’s actually a game and not a complete scam that preys on people’s optimism and hopes? Then you should really be playing Elite: Dangerous, because that game is cool as Hell and it does just enough of what Star Citizen promised all those backers it’ll do. Eventually. It will scratch that itch. That back-scratching satisfaction is about to become a whole lot better as developer Frontier has given us a better look at how planet landings and on foot exploration will work in the upcoming, and presumably massive, Odyssey update.

Landing on planets in Elite: Dangerous has been a long time coming, as the game’s Kickstarter campaign all the way back in 2013 envisioned a game that included, “interesting things, cityscapes, even animals, life, trees” which all sounded like some wishful thinking back then. Yet the Odyssey update seems to be the first step to achieving this goal because when the next update arrives, the system will still be rather limited. According to Dev Diary video, Frontier has stated that disembarking from your ship will be more of a “Neil Armstrong moment” on barren planets of ice or desert. Those massive cities and thriving, fauna filled paradises? Those will only be coming later. Much later, presumably.


Which isn’t to say the planets will be dull to look at. There’s beauty to be found in utter desolation, as anyone who’s driven to George in the Western Cape will no doubt understand. Odyssey will be introducing a revamped planetary generation system that will at least produce a variety of landscapes to appreciate. Oh, and there’ll be flora to admire and gather for genetic materials, so at least there’ll be something to discover when you touch down. Of course, I don’t know how interesting the already revealed gunplay will be against flowers but I have to assume that more information will be coming along in due time.

Last Updated: August 19, 2020

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