Here’s how Call of Duty: WWII’s Social Score Ranks and Rewards work

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Call of Duty: WWII does a few things differently, and one of those things is its new Headquarters social space. Now that it’s actually up and running properly, people have come to realise that there’s ranking system in play in the social space, where social ranks are conferred.

Unlike the traditional player and weapon ranks though, this system isn’t quite as transparent – and there’s no clear way of knowing how to level up, or what perks might be obtained from increasing in social standing. Completing objectives within the social space awards players with points. Those objectives include activities like challenging other players in the 1v1 pit and the shooting range – and yes, by also watching people open up loot crates, or just standing about opening your own.

Redditor LackingAGoodName has pored through the game’s files, and has found the social ranks based on social score. Here’s how it all works:

Social Rank 1

  • Social Score Required: 100
  • Reward: 500 Armory Credits

Social Rank 2

Social Rank 3

  • Social Score Required: 500
  • Reward: Common Supply Drop

Social Rank 4

  • Social Score Required: 750
  • Reward: 1,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 5

  • Social Score Required: 1,000
  • Reward: M1928 – Wilco

Social Rank 6

Social Rank 7

  • Social Score Required: 2,500
  • Reward: Reach! Emote – {Name} says Reach for the sky!

Social Rank 8

  • Social Score Required: 3,750
  • Reward: Common Supply Drop

Social Rank 9

  • Social Score Required: 5,000
  • Reward: 3,500 Armory Credits

Social Rank 10

  • Social Score Required: 7,500
  • Reward: Lewis – Landship

Social Rank 11

  • Social Score Required: 10,000
  • Reward: Common Supply Drop

Social Rank 12

Social Rank 13

  • Social Score Required: 20,000
  • Reward: Rare Supply Drop

Social Rank 14

  • Social Score Required: 27,500
  • Reward: 10,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 15

  • Social Score Required: 37,500
  • Reward: Kar98k – Nightmare

Social Rank 16

  • Social Score Required: 50,000
  • Reward: Rare Supply Drop

Social Rank 17

  • Social Score Required: 75,000
  • Reward: 15,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 18

  • Social Score Required: 100,000
  • Reward: Homerun! Emote – {Name} says Outta The Park!

I’d show you what this Emote looks like, but it’s broken…

Social Rank 19

  • Social Score Required: 150,000
  • Reward: BAR – Fly Boy

Social Rank 20

  • Social Score Required: 250,000

Last Updated: December 6, 2017

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