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Here’s the Civilization VI video 2K showed at E3

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E3 is special because you get to see amazing demos and showcases, behind-closed-door sessions and tons of exclusives. However, those exclusives tend to wear off after a couple weeks, and that’s what’s happened with Civilization VI. Matty told us all about his E3 time with Civ, and I believe the developers did give a bit more insight into the game, but at least we can now watch the same video he did in LA from the comfort of our own homes.

I really like the new take on cities in this iteration in the franchise. I usually go for a culture or science victory – I’m not a big fan of military battles. However, with this new approach, I can position one city to be my version of Silicon Valley, specializing in all things science, with another city pushing out tons of culture. Of course I’ll also end up building my version of New York, where there’s pretty much everything, but I won’t need to worry about equipping that city with a barracks. That can be reserved for those cities at Civilization choke points, prepared to defend the rest of my society with military might. Oh, and how about that – now cities can improve your knowledge of sailing just by being on the water; this makes a lot of sense to me.

I love that trading makes roads now, too. No need to build roads to connect cities with the capital – now I can have all roads lead to Rome the old fashioned way, by building out from Rome rather than sending workers across the map.

Plus, diplomacy does look revamped. We can’t see much, but there does seem to be a more nuanced diplomacy screen including goals of the other players and what’s been happening recently with them to affect relationships. Plus, those leaders are finally animated in wonderful ways – I can’t wait to see all the ways they talk and move.

The graphics are looking a bit simplified, but with the game getting even more complex, it helps to be able to identify elements more easily. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for. I really enjoy the look of the fog of war, too – it’s a huge improvement and looks much more compelling.

I’m preparing myself to pour hours into this installment. Here’s hoping it’s just as addictive as all the versions that came before.


Last Updated: June 24, 2016

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