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Here’s a closer look at the new enemy faction of Destiny 2: Forsaken, The Scorn

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Destiny 2 Forsaken (3)

If there’s one complaint that I can get behind in Destiny, it’s that we’ve been facing the exact same enemies for close to four years now. Destiny: The Taken King might have introduced the Taken in 2015, but their primary threat was that of a remix of existing enemy behaviours and abilities. Fast forward to Destiny 2, and the usual scum of the universe had only learnt a handful of new tricks with which to slightly prolong their life at the end of a Graviton Lance.

Destiny 2: Forsaken then, is a chance to introduce a new faction that’ll threaten the Guardians. Known as the Scorn, these aggressive new enemies come at players like heavily armed Lemmings. They’ve got the life preservation skills of a teenager at the prime of their belief that they’re going to live forever, with many sub-types spread between the dastardly lot. Here’s a quick breakdown via Game Informer and Polygon of the menace that’ll be aiding the Barons in their conquest of The Reef this September:


Destiny 2 Forsaken (5)

The rank and file of the Scorn, Screebs are pure cannon fodder enemies who’ll constantly charge at players and soak up their bullets so that other Scorn units can take advantage of the chaos.


Like the Dregs of the Fallen, Raiders are slightly stockier Scorn troopers who rely on hit and run teleportation tactics while they lob Void buzzsaws at players and I think I just found the theme of my next heavy metal album.


Pure melee units, Ravagers run at players with a flaming and explosive flail that also happens to be their crit spot. If they reach you, not only will they tear yur shields apart they’ll also explode in a blaze of glory.


One of the few units who can act with self-preservation in mind, Lurkers deploy a shield to protect themselves in battle. A shield whose weak point happens to be at the rear, forcing Guardians to close the gap and eliminate the weak point so that they can deal damage.


Imagine a heavy hitter like a Hive Ogre, only with the ability to shoot lightning at you and you’ve got the Scorn Mongrel. A smash-happy behemoth, you’ll need to stay on the run if you want to survive an encounter with one of these bad boys.


Someone needs to stay in charge of this motley collective of scum and villainy, and that someone happens to be the Chieftains who lead bands of Scorn throughout their raids in the Reef. Similar to a Fallen Captain, Chieftains deploy specialised elemental totems with which to keep Guardians at bay. Their Solar totem functions like a turret, Void totems create a shield for Scorn and Arc totems draw players into battle with a vortex.

Destiny 2 Forsaken (4)

Sounds interesting! Much like LEGO, Destiny’s challenge for players has always been in how these various enemy types are combined. While no single enemy on their own is a danger to any prepared Guardian, a dozen Scorn troopers made up of those various new units does sound like a recipe for danger, one that’ll have players constantly on the move and running for their life instead of hunkering down for the ol’ pay ‘n spray tactic.

Sounds kind of neat, although I’m guessing these guys will be utter bastards to deal with when it’s their turn to rotate into the weekly Nightfall strike.

Last Updated: July 11, 2018


  1. The scorn isn’t new, they’ve been in the Destiny forums since launch.


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