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Here’s how Batman: Arkham Knight’s tag-team gameplay works

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The dynamic duo! That’s how Batman and Robin were originally marketed, while my fevered imagination had me dreaming of a day that I’d don the tight green speedo of justice and fight alongside Batman as part of the Dynamicest Duo. Which may also be the name of a very weird custom tag team that I made in the last WWE game, but I’m drifting off again. Batman: Arkham Knight has more than a big ol’ Batmobile to hype fans up when it releases next month. It also has a dual-play mechanic, which has been teased over the last couple of weeks. But here’s how it actually works. ACTION!

Just like I theorised a while back, dual-play takes place during specific engagements, such as one encounter where “Nightwing has been working with Batman to hunt down Penguin’s weapon caches in the city, supplying the rioters of Gotham with dangerous firepower that threatens the lives of Gotham’s police force. The action picks up after Batman has followed a delivery truck back to one of Penguin’s hideouts, and must deliver swift justice to the thugs within”. That’s according to the latest episode of Arkham Insider.

As previously mentioned, combat allows for players to switch between vigilantes on the fly, with the AI taking over for a player and allowing them to focus on extreme criminal dentistry. Characters of course, all have different moves and tricks in their arsenal. Nightwing for instance, moves quicker than Batman, due to the fact that he’s not burdened with several million dollars worth of spelunking gear and the memory of being asked if he’s ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight.

Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin are all confirmed for Dual Play so far. I am of course, naturally hyped for the game, in the same way that I get hyped whenever Geoff distracts me by giving me a Batman colouring-in book. While I’m not a fan of what publisher Warner Bros Interactive is doing with all this DLC nonsense for the game, I’ve still got lots of mad love and respect for Rocksteady as a developer.

Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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