Here’s how Star Citizen’s economy works

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Star Citizen, the next space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts will have as deep and engaging an economy as it will have gameplay, apparently. I start becoming a little apprehensive when people talk about a perpetual economy – but at least there’s no real money involved here. Here’s the guy who’s making the game explaining just how it all works.

Roberts seems to understand a little bit about money – because Star Citizen is now the most crowd-funded game ever, securing over $14 million in backers’ money. That’s more than the development budget for Gears of War 2. To be fair, that did use a lot of recycled assets and Epic was already intimately familiar with their engine by then, but when an independent game that’s being crowd-funded has as much budget as a AAA game, you have to know it’s something people really, really want.

That, plus all those kids from the 90’s who loved Roberts’ games have a little bit of expendable income now that they’re gainfully employed adults.

I’m starting to think a PC upgrade is in order though.

Last Updated: July 8, 2013

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