How to fix your PS4’s sticky bumpers

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The early worries about the DualShock 4’s sticky bumpers has turned out to be warranted, with thousands of controllers facing the annoying sticking problem. However the important thing is that it hasn’t affected all controllers, which means it isn’t a design problem but rather a manufacturing problem.

That led Youtuber Ryan Thompson to crack open his DualShock 4 to see if he could find the fix… and he did.

For those who are video impaired, the problem is pretty easy to resolve. You need to crack open your controller by removing the 4 screws on the back and then removing the bumpers.

If you see a white residue on the parts that your bumpers click onto then remove that with a cloth and remove any you find in the bumpers with compressed air.. put it all back together and you are good to go.

Something so simplistic should be fixed by Sony already, so hopefully this problem disappears from all the new controllers currently coming out of the factory.

Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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