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Here’s how to get a pile of free games for your PS Vita

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So the PS Vita launches here next week and you’ve got your pre-order in but now you have no cash left for any games of any kind.

Well don’t panic as Sony has your back if you’ve been a loyal PS3 gamer over the years you could be in line for a free game or two on the PS Vita.

Now the details are a bit confusing but from what I can make out if you have the latest Motorstorm, Hustle Kings, Wipeout HD or Top Darts on the PS3 you can then instantly download the PS Vita versions for absolutely no cost.

Some of the games require you to have downloaded the extra DLC for them as well before the offers become valid but it’s a very good move from Sony and their official statement will go a long way to helping people love them even more

For those who already own any of these titles for their PS3 systems, will be able to download this same content to their PS Vita systems for free, and vice versa.   There is no need to pay for the same content twice, highlighting the importance of the relationship between PS3 and PS Vita.

It’s a smart move and will make the decision to pick up a PS Vita or not just that little bit easier for everyone.

Last Updated: February 17, 2012

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