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Here’s how Ultra Street Fighter 4 will balance everyone out

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Young grasshopper, listen to me and listen well. In life, there must be balance. Yin and Yang. Good and evil. Pepsi and Coca Cola. Without the other, the cosmos is thrown into disarray. And you can bet your noob ass my apprentice that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is going to once again balance the scales.

Capcom has released the following videos, explaining the tweaks and changes to your favourite fighters. And Dan Hibiki. It might sound boring, but I always find this stuff to be genuinely interesting, in terms of one on one competition.

When Street Fighter IV first came out, Sagat dominated in tournaments, until a later update and Super Street Fighter IV took out some of the sting from his various Tiger combos. And it’s changes like that, that really determine the skill of a player in the long-run.

Anyway, enough gabbing, more video:



Dan Hibiki


C Viper




Evil Ryu

M Bison



Ultra Street Fighter 4 drops next month, as a digital upgrade on PlayStation 3 on June 3, before heading to Xbox 360 on June 5. It’ll be available as a standalone retail game on August 5. Don’t have Street Fighter 4, or want to wait until August for it?

Well good news then, because if you’re Xbox 360, the Arcade Edition of Street Fighter IV is a freebie if you happen to have a Gold account.

Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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