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Here’s how the incredible Gravity Rush 2 Gravity Cat short was made

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It’s Thursday! But more importantly, it’s also Purrsday. It’s a day of the week that I coined last year, to celebrate the best pet of all time: A furry feline who most likely leaves you bloody when the mood strikes it and sheds fur all over your clothing while it applies a warm butt-hole to wherever it sits. Man, cats are awesome and I wish I had many more of them to cuddle with.

Anyway, the link here comes in the form of Gravity Rush 2. Sony’s latest game that slaps the Newton out of the laws of physics is out now and the reviews are looking mighty fine indeed. But the real star of Gravity Rush 2 isn’t Kat but rather…erm…cat. Specifically an adorable little bundle of ginger fur who starred in a recent commercial for Gravity Rush 2:

Even if you don’t dig the kitten or the game because you have less of a soul than I do, it’s still a damn impressive piece of video to watch. So just how the hell did they even get that right? With enough metal to build a WWE Elimination Chamber, that’s how.

Gravity Cat (5)

It’s an old Hollywood technic, building a chamber which can spin and create the illusion of gravity being defied. It’s been done in plenty of movies such as the first Nightmare on Elm Street or Christopher Nolan’s Inception, creating an unreal effect. Here’s a more detailed look at how the Japanese managed to turn that kitten into a gravity-wrecking machine:

If you can’t watch the video above and you’re wondering if the kitten is ok, have no fear: It looks like the cast and crew treated that little fella with way more love, care and safety than a certain other American movie did to a poor German Shepherd lately, using a stand-in doll for certain more hectic scenes that would have left the little guy traumatised.

Gravity Cat (1)

But beyond that lies the sum total of a very impressively-made video. From kitten-rangling to the mechanics needed to maintain the Point-Of-View action, it’s one hell of a video that deserves a lot more love for the amount of technical wizardry that went into making it. Also, I want that kitten so badly.

Last Updated: January 19, 2017

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