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Here’s one thing that the Xbox One is getting right

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XB Controller

Plenty of negative things have been said about the Xbox One so far, and most of it was well deserved. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Beyond restrictive copyright protection that fails to evolve with the markets of today and prefers to hang on to out-dated ideologies, there’s a gaming console underneath all that hubris. And it has one hell of a controller to go with it.

If there’s one advantage to bundling the console with a mandatory Kinect sensor, it’s that Microsoft has been able to concentrate on keeping things simple for the controller that comes with the Xbox One. It’s got a sleeker shape for starters, better textures on the analogue sticks and a general attitude towards providing more precision in gaming. Oh, and a proper D-Pad.

But what I like the most about this controller, are the “impulse” triggers. According to IGN, these triggers now have the ability to provide good vibrations. The triggers now have their own independent rumble motors inside of them, which allow for more interesting jolts and bumps from gameplay.

XB Controller 1

The idea is, is that such a feature could make firing a gun more realistic, by giving players a small form of resistance, or better jolts to your digits in order to simulate on-screen action better. I like that, I really do. And while the idea is clearly there and being implemented for the Xbox One, it’s going to be up to developers to decide how to use it properly.

And it’s hell of an evolution improvement over the dinner plate design of the original Xbox console controller from back in the day.

Last Updated: May 27, 2013

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