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Here’s the gorgeous legendary weapon up for grabs in Destiny’s latest Iron Banner event

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Iron Banner

Oh it’s beginning to look a lot like Iron Banner! All the Warlocks are chipping damage, the Hunters are carrying too much baggage and Sandy joined the game to be a Titan cabbage! Destiny’s regular Crucible mode is back, ready to reward the most talented (and internet-stable) with skills for kills.

And by skills, I mean some sweet loot. Here’s what Iron Banner fans are playing for this week.

Skorri’s Revenge is the name of the particular legendary weapon up for grabs. A level 20 post-House of Wolves pulse rifle, it can be bought for 11 500 Glimmer once you reach Rank 5 in the Iron Banner. Here’s a look at the upgrade tree for it:

Skorri 2

  • Damage Type – Kinetic
  • Attack – 331-365
  • Impact – 4
  • Rate of Fire – 77
  • Range – 30
  • Stability – 58
  • Reload – 48
  • Magazine – 30
  • Zoom – 17
  • Recoil – 51
  • Equip Speed – 16
  • Aim Assist – 75



  • Random: Red Dot-OES/Red Dot-ORS/Red Dot-OAS/Red Dot-ORS1/Red Dot-ORES
  • Random: Focus Lens FLS2/Ranged Lens RLR5/Focus Lens FLA5
  • Random: TrueSight IS/SureShot IS

Special Upgrades

  • Random: Grave Robber/Battle Runner/Rodeo/Spray and Play/Outlaw/Feeding Frenzy/Third Eye/Hip Fire
  • Random: Hidden Hand/Army of One/Reactive Reload/Glass Half Full/Secret Round/Rangefinder/Headseeker or Counterbalance
  • Reforge Ready, Ascend

Optional Upgrades

  • Random: High Caliber Rounds/ Speed Reload/Armor Piercing Rounds/Flared Magwell /Skip Rounds
  • Random: Single Point Sling/Snapshot/Quickdraw/ Lightweight
  • Random: Smallbore/Appended Magazine/ Hand-laid Stock/Casket Mag/ Braced Frame

That’s a pretty damn good pulse rifle. I’m not normally a fan of those weapons, as I prefer Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons instead. But a little bit of luck in the randomisation department, could give you a pretty deadly match-decider. Although I’m still working my way up to earning a Thorn Hand Cannon. One day, one day…

The Iron Banner event kicked off yesterday. t’ll run for the week, or until I get tired of losing a match so decidedly, that Destiny has to actually evolve and take pity on my laclustre set of skills.

Last Updated: July 1, 2015

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