Here’s what you’ll achieve in Destiny

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Don't look!

I’m warning you, stay away. These Achievement/Trophy posts are possibly filled with spoilers. Don’t look Marion! Consider this your final warning! Why doesn’t anyone listen to me? C’mon guys, you don’t want to click for more info, I’m begging ya!

Right, that should be enough of a spoiler warning. Destiny is almost upon us, and like any other game worth its salt, it’s going to have players chasing that magical trophy dragon in order to get. According to a Bungie post, this is the digital gratification that you’ll be after when you take the plunge in September:


Destiny chievos

Missed out on the Alpha? Remember (As we enjoy reminding you), you can get into the upcoming July 17 beta for PlayStation 3 and 4 by pre-ordering the game. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners, you’ll have to wait until much later in the month before you get your fix of what a $500 million ten year investment can buy you.

Everyone else, you’ll have to wait until September 9. Unless you game on PC, that is.

Last Updated: June 30, 2014

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