Here’s what’s coming to and leaving Game Pass in September

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Microsoft’s Game Pass is a pretty damned incredible subscription service. If you haven’t already contemplated it, there’s one incredibly worthwhile reason to give it a go right now: Gears 5. Yes, all of Microsoft’s first-party games are up on Game Pass on release day, letting you play great games for a monthly sub. It’s a service that’s regularly on special, and something you can easily game if you’re a savvy shopper.

Here’s what we said about Gears 5 in our review:

“There are missteps, especially with the open worlds feeling lifeless, but Gears 5 is a more confident turn from a developer that no longer has to prove it’s capable of making a faithful Gears of War sequel. Bigger, better and more beautiful – and a bold step in the right direction for the series. The action is superlative, the writing hits humorous and emotional notes, and the number of multiplayer modes is extensive. If ever there was a reason to subscribe to Xbox’s Game Pass service, this is it.”

And obviously, that’s the marquee title headed to Game Pass this month. It unlocks tomorrow for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and September 10 for regular Game Pass subs. It’s not the only good game coming in September though. The other big one (and a personal favourite of mine) is the incredible Dead Cells. If you’ve not given the game a go now’s the perfect time.

“A chimera of genres, Dead Cells succeeds in forging its own path with incredibly polished combat, retrotastic art design and drawing the right amount of influence from the past.”

Also coming tomorrow is Creature in the Well, an action game with a pinball inspiration that we rather enjoyed.

“It’s a bold idea, stripping away combat from a genre that’s so often soaked in the blood of hundreds of slain enemies and instead replacing it with a unique mechanic that challenges players of precision and positioning above all else. While there are some mechanics that don’t take advantage of the game’s unique gameplay enough, the vast majority of Creature in the Well is a unique puzzle-dungeon crawler with a truly beautiful art style that deserves your attention.”

There’s more though. Also joining the service this month (though there’s no date for most of them just yet)

  • Bad North: Jotuun Edition
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Gonner – Blüeberry Edition
  • Shadow Warrior 2

Nice! Unfortunately, we have to take the good with the bad. There’s a bunch of stuff leabving Game Pass this month too, so play them while you can. Of biggest import (to me at least) is Ninja Gaiden Black, the incredible action game that serves as a template for games like Dark Souls and especially Sekiro. It was Team Ninja at their very best, and something you should play. Onrush, from Codemasters, is also a pretty good time.

  • Onrush is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 4.
  • Lego Batman 2 is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 6.
  • Joy Ride Turbo is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 6.
  • Splosion Man is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 6.
  • The Maw is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 6.
  • Lego Indiana Jones is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30.
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30.
  • Split/Second is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30.
  • Ninja Gaiden Black is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30.
  • theHunter: Call of the Wild is leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30.

Last Updated: September 5, 2019

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