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Here’s when Destiny: The Taken King’s raid unlocks. Also, Swords!

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Destiny King's Fall

Normally it’s Darryn waxing lyrical about Destiny instead of me, but ever since playing The taken King at Gamescom I’ve had an unshakeable urge to get back into the online shooter. There’re a ton of changes, new content and missions coming with the expansion, but they all pale in comparison to the real meat on the bones. The Taken King is bringing with it a massive new raid, and now we know when it’s going live.

King’s Fall will be the game’s biggest raid to date, as you and five other Guardian storm the Dreadnought and go toe-to-toe with Crota’s daddy, Oryx. The raid itself will require all six participants to have reached the Taken King’s endgame, which is part of the reason why it won’t be up at launch. Bungie didn’t want players rushing through all the story and strikes just to get to King’s Fall, which is why the raid will only go live on the 18th of September – three days after the expansion is out.

If that wasn’t enough, Bungie revealed a rather atmospheric trailer for the raid during their livestream last night – which gives you a good indication on just how intimidating the Dreadnought really is.

Also discussed during the livesteam were swords. Yes, if you don’t know by now The Taken King is introducing swords as a staple weapon class, although they’re going to be a little different in the way you obtain them. The exotic Raze-Lighter is just one of many that you’ll have to craft instead of hoping to drop, with different swords delivering different types of elemental damage.

And quite honestly, they just look like a ton of fun to use. Forget the pew pew, I just want to raze some Taken in the face.

Destiny: The Taken King is shaping up to be a game-changer for the franchise, launching on September 15th for all Destiny platforms (sorry, still not PC).

Last Updated: September 3, 2015

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