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Here’s why Xbox Live still matters

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In the face of PlayStation Plus, I’m struggling to keep coming up with valid reasons to renew my Xbox Live subscription every year. Yes, it’s still a more cohesive, intrinsic system than the PSN. How is Microsoft going to change that? How is it leveraging Xbox Live?

According to this promotional video which features spokespersons from first and third-party studios discussing the benefits of Xbox Live and the cloud.

Watch as people discuss things like Forza Motorsport 5’s  ridiculously named ‘cloud learning’ Driveretards  Driveatars, Battlefield 4’s Smartglass compatibility and how Killer Instinct’s can update itself in the background. Neat. Is it worth $60 a year though?

The Xbox One is launching this Friday in the US and UK. It retails for $499, but comes with a free cloud. No word yet on when the X1 will be available locally.

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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