Here’s why you can’t respawn in Rainbow Six

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We’ve got a new trend on the way in gaming. Namely, four of you trying to bliksem one of me. Rainbow Six is one such game where there happens to be more than one of me around, as the game takes cops vs robbers to the logical digital extreme and somebody is going to lose an eye when the guns start firing. Thing is, you need some strategy to survive a round of Rainbow Six. Because you aren’t exactly immortal in that game.

In multiplayer, respawning has been pulled out of the game entirely. You die, game over and that’s all she wrote. According to game devs Chris Lee and Andrew Witts, this was so that Rainbow Six could get back to its roots of being a more methodical shooter instead of a run ‘n gun bullet festival. Which makes Rainbow Six an entirely different beast altogether, as just about every other shooter on the market allows players to come back from the dead, unless they’re playing a very specific mode within that game.

This no respawn rule thus resulted in a far more intense game, as Lee and Witts wrote:

When you’re not allowed to respawn during a match, twitch reflexes aren’t the only skills that keep you alive. Teamwork, map awareness, planning, adaptability, communication, and leadership become just as important to win. To be completely straightforward, the game became a lot more stressful… It went from everyone leaning back in their chairs trash-talking, to being on the edge of their seats carefully coordinating tactics.

The problem with a one life only rule however, is that the second you’re dead, you have nothing to else to contribute to the game. In Rainbow Six however, players can still turn being dead to their advantage, as they’ll act as the eyes and ears for their team through cameras and surveillance devices, guiding their surviving teammates through a round in support mode:

However, there’s a reason why the No Respawn rule is something we’ve seen fade out of gaming in the past decade. In a traditional FPS setting without respawn, once the player is dead and out of action they don’t have very much to do. As a player,you want to stay involved, and getting placed on the sidelines with nothing to do is not the ideal experience. The reason we consider One Life to be a different concept in this game is that you will be actively involved the whole time. Yes, losing boots on the ground creates a disadvantage in firepower, but the player still contributes to the team by becoming a source of information. They are able to use limited visibility tools, like the drone and security cameras, or survey from a chopper above the operation zone to keep their team informed of the enemy’s movements.

In other words actual teamwork, not lone wolf grandstanding, will help you emerge victorious. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Rainbow Six is becoming a game that has the spirit of the original games floating around it, but with plenty of new-gen ideas added into the mix. And it also looks as tense as can be.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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