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Here’s your first look at Rugby World Cup 2015

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RWC (1)

Rugby, a game wherein two dozen burly He-Man: Masters Of The Universe rejected action figures battle it out over a massive ostrich egg covered in leather, is apparently quite popular.

It’ll be even more popular than usual this year however, due to various nations sending their national sides to the Rugby World Cup 2015 tournament, which is the closest that we’ll ever get to fully recreating the thunderdome scene from Mad Max 3.

And of course it’ll have a video game tie-in, with a game that looks almost as horribly concussed as the behemoths who play the national game based on these screenshots from Bigben Interactive and HB Studios.

RWC (3)

RWC (2)

This year’s Rugby World Cup 2015 game comes from the same team that brought you Rugby 15 last year, Bigben Interactive and HB Studios. A game which wasn’t exactly universally loved. It’ll be hitting PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and PC in September.

RWC Cover

It’s a properly official game, so there won’t be any need to create a custom team with people such as Land Rover Botha and Schalk Hamburger, according to my regby knowledge. (Scratch that, I’ve just been educated that only northern hemisphere teams are officially licensed. Time to bust out the thesaurus fellas.)

Last Updated: July 16, 2015

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