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Here’s your first real look at Sunset Overdrive

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What I dig about the current crop of new consoles and better PC hardware, is the fact that games don’t have to be ultra-realistic to look impressive anymore. Sure, going into battle with poppable zit technology rendered on your face looks great, but I have a soft spot for style. And Sunset Overdrive is just drenched in a unique style of punk, colour and attitude.

Sunset Overdrive is a “third-person shooter set in a unique open-world”, an omnipotent voice said in the video above.

It’s high-action, fast-paced and takes the concept of the boring copy-paste shooter and flips it on its ugly head to let you do the impossible. In short, it kicks ass.

Other details that the video let slip is that the game takes place in the near-future of 2027, where a new energy drink is responsible for the latest zombie apocalypse. Naturally, humanity has done a complete 180 and it’s everyone for themselves as new factions arise. Factions such as True Bushido, who have seen way too much anime and now follow a samurai code of honour. There’s also the Fargarths, who rolled a 20 on crazy and have taken their love of LARP way too far.

“We had a very clear goal upfront of creating Fun in the End Times,” creative director Marcus Smith explained to VG247.

At that time we didn’t really know what our mechanics were going to be, so as designers you sit around chewing over things like ‘what is fun’? Well, fast is more fun than slow, so then we look at how we can speed things up and add that feeling of velocity throughout the game. We also want to have a load of abilities but to also make it easy to jump in and still have a feeling of mastery in the game.

There’s more info out there, but take a gawk at the screenshots for the game. It looks genuinely fantastic in that visual department.

Sunset Overdrive (1)Sunset Overdrive (2)Sunset Overdrive (3)Sunset Overdrive (4)Sunset Overdrive (5)Sunset Overdrive (6)Sunset Overdrive (7)Sunset Overdrive (8)Sunset Overdrive (9)Sunset Overdrive (10)

I’m cautiously optimistic for the game. Insomniac’s last title, Fuse, was anything but innovative and fun. And while Sunset Overdrive looks like it has plenty of style and charisma, I’ll wait until I get a hands-on before I start spouting more hyperbole. If Insomniac can live up to their own press however, this could be the real system-seller that Microsoft needs as they move forward.

Last Updated: May 9, 2014

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