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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft survey hints at new features

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If you’re not playing Heroes of Warcraft: Hearthstone, then you’re probably not in the closed beta and I feel really bad for you. It’s a fantastic card game, that is simple to learn and challenging to master. It’ll be hitting open beta soon, and it might be arriving with the following new features soon.

Over at Blizzcon this month, attendees were polled on what they’d like to see added to the final build of the game. According to Eurogamer, the following features were part of that poll:

  • Friends list tie-in with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Kakao Chat, etc.)
  • Set up multiple profiles within one Hearthstone account
  • Raids (cooperative play vs. a single, powerful boss)
  • More in-depth display of achievements and statistics
  • Recorded replay of your last match
  • Chat channels beyond the emotes
  • Paid tournaments
  • “Observer” mode, allowing you to view live battles
  • Additional, in-depth tutorials
  • The ability to reorder cards in your hand
  • Ability to replay the tutorial
  • A “play again” option after a battle has concluded

Hearthstone will be a free to play game, but it will need to make some cash back for Blizzard. Which is why micro-transactions will be present. Blizzcon attendees were quizzed on what they would actually pay cash for in Hearthstone:

  • New art for each hero class
  • Additional deck slots
  • New card sets
  • New card back artwork
  • Additional in-game emotes
  • New themed battle boards

Honestly, I’d pay for that content. Gladly. Because even as a F2P title, Hearthstone is magnificent and doesn’t feel like a desperate attempt to grab some cash. I rather enjoyed the game at Blizzcon, when I went hands on with an iPad version and spoke to the folks behind it.

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

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