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He's finished Grand Theft Auto IV! – Attack….

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Rob Taylor, deputy editor of Xbox 360 World magazine has suddenly become one of the most famous people in the gaming industry. He has actually completed GTA IV already.

Somehow he managed to get an invite by Rockstar to go to their offices for 3 straight days and play through the game.

I highly suggest going through the link at the bottom and reading the entire but the most important aspects to me where.

Game Time
The game can be finished in around 25 hours but is more likely to take about 50-60

Gameplay & Graphics
According to Rob the gameplay is awesome and the graphics are truly breath taking. The main character Nico is also

absolutely the most amazing protagonist in any game I’ve ever played

Multiplayer – This is what I am really excited about
There sounds like there are a lot of new modes but the three he mentions are Mafiya (a chaotic, mission based affair), Cops ‘n’ Crooks (one team try to capture the other) and Hangman’s Noose (players team up to take an army of AI SWAT troops).

Personally Hangman’s Noose sounds like an awesome way to spend an evening over Live or PSN with a few beers…

He’s finished Grand Theft Auto IV! | GamesRadar

Last Updated: April 8, 2008

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