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Sony had some big guns out at their Las Vegas event over the weekend. But Uncharted 4 could easily be their Magnum .44, a franchise that fired three games and still has a few sequels left in the chamber. Uncharted 4 was revealed way back at E3 this year, as a haggard Nathan Drake returned to action. And here’s what the game actually looks like in motion.

I’m digging what I’m seeing so far. Drake may be older, but he’s still the best at climbing, sneaking and shooting his way out of situations. In fact, I’m liking the new stealth mechanics quite a bit, which have clearly taken some inspiration from The Last Of Us. And just look at those environments!

I’m of the mind that while we’ll slowly see less uncanny valley in video game characters this generation, it’s environments that will benefit the most from new hardware and software. The plants look and move beautifully, and the cliffs that Drake climbs over look scrumptious. As scrumptious as stone can be, that is.

And of course, Souff Effriken mercenaries. Say what you like about us, but when you need some antagonists with creepy accents and a choice selection of swearing, you can’t beat our in-game mercs. Last but not least, it looks like Drake has a brother to find in the game. A brother voiced by none other than that other prolific video game voice actor, Troy Baker:


Last Updated: December 8, 2014

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