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Hey, if you already have MW3, don’t play it!

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Modern Warfare 3 is getting released next week, That’s next week though – and some people already have the game. While some are in possession of the game illicitly, having downloaded it fro the internet’s seedy underbelly, others have acquired the game through legal means. Yup, some retailers seem to have broken street date and let the game slip out at retail ahead of its intended date.

While there are no reports of early release locally (Yet. Everybody’s looking at YOU, CNA), it’s certainly seen premature release overseas. If you do have a copy, fair warning, you probably don’t want to play it right now.

Microsoft’s law enforcer Stephen Toulouse has told Twitter, and thus the entire universe, that neither Activision nor Microsoft has cleared the title for play on Xbox Live – which means those founds playing it could be reprimanded.

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It’s unusual for MS or Activision to dole out punishment to gamers who’ve purchased games early – but this guy’s the law. To be honest? Considering you’ve gotten the game legally, I think the worst that could happen is a reset of the leaderboards and your multiplayer stats when the game does officially release, but better safe than sorry, right?

Last Updated: November 4, 2011

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