Hey, Kinect CAN Track Fingers!

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Since release, Kinect’s had quite an incredible uptake amongst tech hobbyists, not just gamers. There’s some rather impressive hardware in Kinect, even though that hardware’s hardly being used for compelling gaming at the moment. That may change though, because the Robot Locomotion Group and Learning Intelligent Systems teams at MIT have demonstrated that Kinect is far more capable than we imagined.

While some “hackers” have been trying to produce a “minority report” styled interface using the depth sensing doohickey, they’ve approached the task cautiously. MIT have jumped in head first – and have shown that despite initial post-launch reports to the contrary, Kinect is indeed capable of tracking individual fingers.

Sure, the implementation isn’t exactly practical, but its certainly paves the way for intricate use of Kinect, and demonstrates how fine Kinect’s tracking could potentially be. why isn’t Kinect utilised like this in Xbox 360 games? Maybe there’s just not enough processing power to go about to do such intricate tracking in conjunction with the graphical prowess expected of this gen? Who knows, but it does make me excited for the future; and does re-ignite my hope that the new Kinect Steel Battalion game will feature a useable, on-screen control panel. Fingers crossed (and tracked!)

Last Updated: December 9, 2010

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